Hi! Welcome to Fluff Factor. A blog dedicated to the fluff in the gaming world of mmo’s. This is NOT just for girls! I’m Nikayla, I was interested in computers when my dad brought home my first Commodore 64! (yes I realize that ages me!) and I remember falling in love with the games. They barely had graphics but being able to fly through a tunnel at what really looked like warp speed, amazed me! I was hooked!

I have played a quite a few games and Mmorpg’s since then and realized early on that I absolutely love the fluff! I’m at my happiest when I can dye armor and it’s even better when that armor doesn’t look like all the other armor around me! I love shineys and my mounts definitely need a buttsticker that says “Will break for shineys!” And yes, that means I have the retention span of a dog .. hey look, SQUIRREL!!

I also love anything and everything to do with zombies. I can quote most zombie movies and I’m addicted to Plants vs. Zombies. Yes there are worse things to be addicted to!

I’m 36 and met my husband while learning to heal in Everquest. He was my guild leader and I killed him early on. He dedicated his time to teaching me how to heal correctly in raids. My gaming has ranged quite a bit since then but I’ve managed to keep the name Nikayla and normally I tend to play the healer, although I’m venturing out to dps! Oh the horror!!!

I’m currently playing Rifts, Lord of the Rings, Vindictus and a couple other smaller ones here and there. I game to have fun, to kill stuff and to hang with friends. It’s a great way to reduce stress without having to break stuff around the house. Kill a mob or 100 and feel the stress release… 😉 At least that keeps the hubby safe!


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  4. Just wondering where you found the outfit components for your “white” outfit (white rare dye)? I don’t recognize them and have been hunting for something very similar. Beautiful!

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