Happy Halloween with Zombies!

This is a throw back post from when I was playing PvZ2! I really need to start this game over. It’s always so much fun!

Happy Halloween!!

What better way to celebrate than by playing Plants vs. Zombies?!!

I’ve discovered some difficult challenges in the last week and thought I would share how I surpassed these hideous (but fun) levels!

First to go along with my initial evaluation I wanted to clarify a few things… I have heard that many people are disappointed that PvZ2 has gone the way of Zynga and has chosen to sell some of the items in the game. If you check out the picture below you can see that this is how to open Pirate Seas. You must obtain 8 stars from the previous boards OR you can purchase to unlock for $4.99. In my opinion this is just a choice. If you want to hurry and move along through the levels then you may choose to purchase. But getting the stars isn’t TOO difficult and that’s what I’m currently working on. So… in other words… you have the choice!



Now… onto the difficult stuff!

  • Do not spend any sun for 90 seconds

This one was a bit fun to figure out… or should the word be frustrating!? First off you will have boards prior to this where you don’t spend sun for 30, 45, and even 60 seconds. For those I tend to enjoy waiting for that initial 60 seconds to be spent at the beginning. I use anything that doesn’t have a sun charge on it. The Iceberg Lettuce is perfect for this because it can also be used to slow those damn zombies down!

And remember to let that counter at the top of your screen count all the way down and get a check mark PRIOR to setting anything with sun charge on your board! I missed this by two seconds because I was getting so antsy! And then of course had to start all over.

For the 90 seconds of wait time you actually want to go ahead and get your board completely set up. I know it’s scary and I was constantly worried about time but it works so much better this way! I ensured that I had plant food as well to boost my plants when I needed it and that way I never had to spend any sun to kill any of those evil zombies!

 ** The below isn’t the perfect mock up but an example of what got me passed this dang board! **


  • Never have more than 14 plants

In the cases where you can not have a certain number above ## I tend to lay a straight line of sunflowers down and then get to fighting. I know I want to have at least one set of peashooters. In these boards one strategy I have used is using the Potato Mine and Iceberg Lettuce because they disappear as soon as you’re done. This helps to clear out the harder zombies or slow them down when you’re having issues!

Don’t forget although you can’t have more than ## of plants, that doesn’t mean that the number you’ve put onto the board counts! It only counts what is on the board. BUT again, watch your number on the top of your game! I’ve gotten the horrible red text and again, frustrated myself because I wasn’t paying attention!


I’m finding more stuff every day so this post is TO BE CONTINUED!



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