Plants vs. Zombies 2!

Have you guys played PvZ? My daughter and I loved that game. We waited years for PvZ2 so needless to say, we were both thoroughly excited to see another game. This is a throw back post from when I was playing PvZ2! I really need to start this game over. It’s always so much fun! If you haven’t tried PvZ or PvZ2, I highly recommend them for some brainless (muahahaha) fun!

Here’s the TBT Fun:

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Fan girl attack!!!

IT is FINALLY here! I have only been waiting for years for this so I was super excited to see that PvZ2 is finally out for Android! It’s been out on the Iphone for quite some time now and I was really jealous!

This is also FREE to download. Some may say that the catch is that you have to buy stuff but I’ve played for a few hours and have yet to buy anything!

So far I’ve found that there are three worlds, Ancient Egypt, Pirates, and the Old West. Our pal Dave is back but he now has a friend, Penny, that helps us travel through time to these other worlds.

Now, although this is much like PvZ there are some major differences. The first and the one I am enjoying most are the plants and zombies! I just opened a plant on the Pirate board that is a small dragon that fires a frontal aoe (area of effect) and he’s so freaking adorable!

When you beat a board you also have a chance to go back and win stars, but unlike the first you get different quests that you must complete to obtain those stars. For instance finishing a board without losing any lawn mowers while not using anymore than 15 plants AND getting 3500 sun!

And even though you CAN buy upgrades, plants, coins, etc… if you wait you can receive these upgrades through game play! And although I have yet to buy anything I have been tempted to buy keys! The keys open up specific quest areas and special things like certain plants and upgrades.

These are just a few of the fabulous things that I’ve found so far! Lots of pics and more info coming your way soon!

daves taco



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