Outfit of the Week #3

outfit1While in Brayflox, I had the pleasure of grouping with some rather funny guys that made the time in Brayflox fly! Even when our tank DC’d and we had to stand around and wait for a tank to requeue. We waited an entire 30 mins and with just 12 minutes left, we were able to finish the dungeon. It is dungeons like these when I wish that Final Fantasy XIV would change the restrictions on not being able to regroup. I really enjoyed that party and would have loved to group with them again, however, it is difficult to even tell if someone is on your server.

While we were killing, the dragoon in the party received a pair of rather interesting, thigh high, laced up the back, boots. And might I add that they were laced with pink laces… He was appalled at the idea but when we all starting joking with him he got into it and then even changed into panties to really push the element of scandal-ism! outfit2

Needless to say, if I ever group with these two again I am going to remember to friend them… but for now, enjoy the pics of the cute, pink, laced boots and bare bottom!

Have an outfit of the week that you want to share? This can be from any game, not just Final Fantasy! Send the screenshots my way at myseryniti (at) live (dot) com

Prizes given away for the BEST outfit of the month!



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