More Crafting in FFXIV

Diremite Web… just the sound of it can make you cringe. Or jump for joy if you like to farm and sell it for loads of gil.

If you are a Weaver around level 20, I have found leves at QuarryMill that will give you 10 DireMite Webs for doing a turn in. I did not turn in HQ so I do not know if the turn in will up if you hand over HQ items, however, just having 10 Diremite webs is nothing to scorn at. I easily had a stack in less than a few minutes!


Now, the secret is to take a look at the leves. While looking at them be sure to check out the reward for completion. I did a few without getting Diremite Web but the leves do show you what the reward will be. Once I did two without diremite as the reward, I did another 6 with! You get 10 webs at a time so in a matter of about 6 mins (I had all the ingredients on me) I was able to get 60 Diremite Webs. Much easier and MUCH faster than trying to farm them!

And as if that isn’t enough, you are also going to be getting experience for this. So I did this as soon as I hit 20.

Save those leves!!


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