Crafting and Final Fantasy


How do you take the pain out of crafting in Final Fantasy?

I’ve noticed that this is arduous at best. Although I normally listen to a book on Audible while crafting, this can still be extremely boring. Here are some ways to make your life a little easier.

First you want to try to get three things:

  • Tricks of the Trade (Alchemy lvl 15) – This restores 20 CP when the material condition is good.
  • Hasty Touch (Culinary lvl 15) – Improves quality without using CP.
  • Careful Synthesis (Weaving lvl 15) – Improves durability without using CP.

I have found that these three make my crafting life a bit easier to deal with. I don’t have to constantly worry about my CP usage and I’m able to move through the levels without too much worry.

I also save all of my leve quests JUST FOR CRAFTING. You will find that you get so much more exp this way. You normally only have to craft one or two things and bam, loads of exp. What’s even better is if you can turn in a HQ item you will get even more exp and I’m talking TONS.

There are also leve quests that will allow you to turn in more items. So say you’re turning in some fish and you have more in your bag. If while turning the fish in you are asked if you would like to turn in more, do it! Especially if they are HQ. This yields so much exp and you have already done all of the work.

There are some great sites out there with more tips as well. As I find what works the best, I’ll post. And please, share what you do to make crafting easier!


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