24 hour Extra Life Event Today!! Hour 24 update!

Extra Life Event!!

Super, super, super excited about today!! This will be my third year partaking in the fun that is the Extra Life Event! Extra life is one day a year, for 24 hours that gamers decide to help children by gaming! So far for the last two years I’ve been able to raise over $500.00. This year I set my goal to $300.00 and I’m just a tad short of that goal but still rocking! Want to help show your support? Every dollar counts!!!

  • Hour One – 8:00: Decided to jump into Rift, which I have not done for quite some time. Sadly, I have not missed the game just my guildies. Sadly not many are on this early so after put-sing around for an hour ish I decided to make a Lalafell in Final Fantasy. ffxiv_11022013_111741The goal is to get her to Scholar or as close as possible by hour 24!
  • Hour Three – 11:00: Started my Lalafell!! This race of characters is sooooo freaking cute! I am level 9 already and hoping that the day continues to be this fabulous! The hubby is mowing the lawn and will probably take a nap (how dare he!!) but I’m pushing to 30! Wish me luck!
  • Hour Eight – 4:00: Level 15! I had to have a little break to eat and shower so I didn’t smell while I was leveling my leetle lalafell! I’m still super psyched and I think I even have a second wind. I was soooo tired this morning that I was afraid that this was going to be even harder than last  year. And last year I decided to head to bed around 2:00 am and completed my 24 hours the next day. Of course it is only 4 pm so it can be a completely different story come 2:00 tonight! Paul (Arturien in game) ffxiv_11022013_154713is even gaming with me a bit. I decided to name my character Neekayla since he has nicknamed this character Knees. I thought it was appropriate considering she only comes to his knees. And he’s not even playing the tallest character! Another thing that I’m psyched about is the lvl 13ish story quest line outfit. I love that all the colors match. I haven’t dyed anything yet because I have yet to even get the dye quest! Should be soon if I remember correctly but I’m liking how she’s looking so far! … Ok that’s enough for now. Hoping for level 20 for my next update! See you soon!!
  • Hour 13 – Level 20! Whew… took me a while. The downside to leveling a new character is that the story line dungeons are not open yet so I had to sit in the duty finder as a dps waiting for my level 19 dungeon. While waiting I noticed that I also didn’t have any quests so I decided to fate grind a bit over by Hawthorn Hut. The nice thing about leveling a new character is that I have not spent the last 13 hours fate grinding! YAY!!! I enjoy fate grinding but not THAT much. I think I would already be asleep… seriously! I want to at least get 10 more levels so here’s hoping that the next few dungeons go faster! ffxiv_11022013_211402
  • Hour 15 – 11:00: Getting tired!!! Coffee, coffee, coffee… just dinged 21 and got Copper Bell Mines done. Tempted to eat something really sweet to get some sugar running through my blood stream! Just another 10 hours to go!
  • Ok… so I was talked into tanking a Wanderer’s Palace and afterwards I was just delirious! So I went to bed for the evening but I’m starting fresh at 9 am and I’m going to say I stopped about that 10 hour point so … still 10 hours to go!

As much as I was LOVING my little Lalafell, I decided to move back to my normal character and got some fate grinding done AND got my Tharm to level 26 for Swift Cast. I actually have a White Mage AND a Scholar on my main character and the hubby talked me into just playing on her instead of releveling a character. And honestly I thought Scholar started out as heals. I don’t know why they do not considering they have physick which is exactly the same as cure, but for some reason I can only queue into duty finders as a dps. And you know what that means, right? LONG, LONG wait times!

I was easily able to get into queues on the already level 34 White Mage and decided while I wait on queues, which weren’t HALF as bad as dps btw, I leveled up my weaving. Win/Win!
So, all in all I think this was a success. I had fun, got to play on a Lalafell, which I think is awesome! And I got Swift Cast which I already have found to be extremely useful!
I have also fell in LOVE with the Black Mage. I didn’t want to fate grind on my White Mage or Scholar, but the Black Mage… ohhhh!!! I can fate grind on her all day (wow that sounds interesting ahem…) so that’s what I’m going to do! Continue leveling and leave the Lalafell for when I just want to run around and look super freaking cute!



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