Why So Serious Final Fantasy XIV?

So, while leveling, although I’m having quite a bit of fun, I’ve noticed a few things. Firstly, lots of people are seriously serious in FFXIV! What is going on? Maybe it’s because I look for the fun in games, like dyes and clothing and fun quests that being serious is definitely on the back burner for me.

ffxiv_10192013_200752Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about:

  • A person turns in while fate grinding. Having two jobs to 50 I now know that while fate grinding you do NOT want to turn in items too early. If you are in a really good fate group you can sit there and grind those mobs for that 15 or so minutes and get the max exp out of it. So… someone turned in an item that made the timer go from 9 minutes to 1 minute. Afterwards someone in /yell starts going off and trolling this guy! For quite a few minutes he would just not let this go!
  • In CM while tanking I was trying to get adds off of a very well geared black mage. He was obviously not worrying about threat and it took me quite a while and a lot of running around to get aggro. Then he told me that I was not a good tank… ? Now, I was WAY undergeared compared to what he was wearing, so obviously if he isn’t watching that lovely threat meter then there will be consequences. But instead of being a team player and working with me, he calls me out and insists that I’m a sucky tank…

These are just two of many, many instances where people would rather harass one another than enjoy the game. Why is that? I’m not sure what either of these two got out of calling me or this other person out, but I’m here to just play a game and try to do my part. I prefer not to pug but when I do my bubbly personality comes out, unless I’m being yelled at… I try not to take that stuff personally but it’s hard!

What do you guys do in these circumstances? Do you play to have fun or are you the more hard core player that expects everyone to be top of their game?


7 thoughts on “Why So Serious Final Fantasy XIV?

  1. i’ve found that a lot of bad DPS, who’ve never played tank or healer, seem to be the worst culprits when it comes to throwing blame around. I play SMN & SCH so i know that sometimes as DPS it’ss better to do nothing, or throw DoT’s/buffs/debufs on things for a few rounds of the GCD if you keep getting aggro. And if you keep doing nuking away or getting caught in AoE’s, there’s no way you healer can keep up with healing you & keep your tank alive.
    The way i see it, you don’t lose experience or anything if you die (except a lil bit of gear wear), so what’s the big deal? It’s like, Chill out & have fun, it is a GAME after all, & the point of games is to have fun, right?

    • So true!!! I’ve really had to pay attention to my aggro meter as a bard and let me tell you, sometimes I just go for it. If I die, I die! But I don’t blame anyone but myself. I have to say, those aoe’s that the bard has are SO MUCH EFFING FUN!!!! 😀

  2. You’ll always get people like that in games unfortunately. It’s one of the only negatives of online gaming in my opinion. Usually best to ignore them and move on. Use what ever blacklist option is provided and move on. No point letting these people ruin your enjoyment.

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