Happy Halloween Final Fantasy XIV


Velcome to zee Halloveen eventz!!

**cough** Couldn’t help myself! Here I will take you through the FFXIVARR Halloween event quest by quest! Which means there WILL be spoilers… It’s pretty easy to figure out but if you get stuck just follow the links below!


The quests are the same in each city but I was in Limsa Limonsa so I started there. The event in LL starts near the AftCastle aethernet. You can only begin the quest between 1800 – 6:00 Eorzea Time! This is 6pm to 6am.

  1. Not So Evil Dead – Lv. 1 Given by the Shifty Thespian. Go talk to Impresario to receive your costume! To advance in your quests you MUST equip your costume!!
  2. Show Me The Candy – Lv. 15 Once you have your costume equipped speak with Impresario again he will tell you to speak with Mucose Mummer who is also in LL. Mucose will give you a few options, choose the one saying you’re from the Culnarian guild. Go to Uldah and spook the Zombie. He is just outside the Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza. Once you spook him he will drop cookies, pick up 4 and give them back. This quest then sends you to Gridania where you want to /clap and then /congratulate Somber Strongman. Turn this quest in at the Magic Pot! Feed the Magic Pot all three candies and get 3k exp and 3 cookies 😀
  3. Halloween4I Burn For You – Lv. 15 Speak to Impresario to get your next quest. He will tell you to go talk to the Shifty Thespian, who in turn will tell you to use the bomb digit to light warding lanterns in both upper and lower decks of LL. ***Do not forget to have your costume on***
  4. Monstrous Mummery – Lv. 15 Impresario will send you back to the Shifty Thespian who will ask you to light one more lantern. Place the warding lantern and then light it. You will get a voice telling you to go to the guild company (in LL it’s Maelstrom) who then will ask you to speak with Sundyrund in the Coral Tower. And then you get to go to the Drowning Wench. Once you speak with Baderon go back to Impresario to scare him. Use the spooky sparkler on him!

I definitely suggest reading this. It’s not long and it is quite a bit of fun! And different from leveling and fate grinding! 😀



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