Halloween and Giveaways!

How do you want to see your Hallow’s Eve in games? I must say I’ve played a few games over the Halloween holiday and I think hands down World of Warcraft wins. There’s just always so much to do in all of their events!

I was really sad with Rift’s Halloween event. Actually, I’m really sad about all of their events. I look forward to this wacky stuff every holiday and I want something more out of just doing a few quests. They did have a hat that did look like a witch’s hat but that was pretty much it. And most of the items that you could get you had to grind silly quests for. It just wasn’t any fun. final-fantasy-xiv-arr-halloween-screen1-650x365

So, I really have my hopes up for Final Fantasy’s All Saint’s Wake. It runs from October 18th to Nov 1st, giving us a good two weeks to enjoy the event! And since server transfers are now open that means enjoying the event with friends!!

Now, since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I want to make it fun for you as well… so I’m doing a giveaway here at Fluff Factor…

What do you get? A 30 day game card of the game of your choose.

What do you need to do? Enter the Halloween event! Send in a picture of your character, or if you want yourself, dressed in halloween fashion! The best outfit will win the 30 day card OR $30.00 Amazon gift card!

So… what are you waiting for?!! Go get  your outfit started and don’t forget to comment and link your pic up or send it to myseryniti (at) live (dot) com.

Event will end Nov 2nd!


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