To quest or not to quest!

So! I’ve had quite a few guildies ask me why I’ve created another character. It’s pretty simple… I love questing!

Yes, I know that leveling through fate grinding is pretty easy and it’s also pretty fast. BUT I really think leveling through quests is just as fast.

Here’s my proof: My hubby and I have both been leveling characters recently, he through fate grinding on a character that contains his main and multiple other jobs, and me on my new Kitty. We are nearly leveling at the same rate, but I’m starting to catch up! This leads me to believe, although I did put in a bit more time yesterday, that questing is just as fast as fate grinding, at least until you get into the upper levels where the fates give 20k experience and fate groups CAN be amazing… but you have to get into a great fate group to get that kind of exp also.


I enjoy questing and fate grinding can really get on my nerves. It’s boring! And waiting for fates to pop up just kills me! But the downside to leveling another character is having to go through the story quest again. Multiple times I found that I had to fate or leve grind while waiting for the duty finder to pop up.

Both have negatives and positives. So, my idea on this… DO what you enjoy! As long as you have fun doing it, you’ll level fast!

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