Making gil in Final Fantasy XIV

If you do not have time to view this video please check out the fast tips below:


You want to find what is selling for massive amounts on your shard.

  • When selling do NOT put a full stack up on the AH! Selling in stacks of 10 is the best practice.
  • On Faerie Diremite web sells very well! One of the best ways to farm these is to go East of Fallgourd Float. Not only does the web sell but so does the sinew. These are used for multiple crafts! (level 22-27)
  • Farming Ornery Karakul for fleece in Camp Dragonhead, just South of the main camp. (level 36)
  • Snurble Tufts are in Camp Drybone. Way west you want to find Golden Fleece (level 40)
  • Anything for Tradecraft Leves. Find the Leves that can be turned in 3 times and sell those in stacks of 9. If you can get the HQ items sell those! You can get some massive tradeskill leve experience doing this!
  • If you are farming for a particular item, farm 10 or 20 more so you can throw the extra on the AH! I do this every time I farm and although it’s not farming the higher priced items, it still yields me a good amount daily.

Good luck!! If you have more tips, please email me at myseryniti (at) live (dot) com

Special thank you to Mahalik and Gimme for these tips!

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