Final Fantasy XIV!

Have you taken a look at the new Final Fantasy XIV?

After not really loving anything out there I decided to try this one. I loved the character creation and that is about 80% of the fun for me! Although some of the hairstyles need work!

So, I’ve been playing this for about a month and really enjoying it so far!

I’ve leveled a paladin to 50 and started working on darklight gear, but decided to make a bard. At the moment she is only level 15 or so but here are some of the looks she’s gone through in the last 10 levels!!


ffxiv_10092013_155610  This particular one I thought made me look like I was getting ready for winter… Although you can’t really tell my boots are thigh highs and I don’t look like I have pants on… but hey, maybe I’m in the South where it’s a bit warmer!



This next one had me shaking my head! I mean, how much skin can one girl show!? Apparently quite a bit… and look at those boots! I feel like a stripper or something..







In this final outfit I feel sexy but still like an archer. Not showing toooooo much skin and the pants make me feel like a monk, but hey, they look comfy! And that’s all that matters! ffxiv_10092013_212236I also like the color so much that I didn’t want to change a thing! If you are questing you will get these outfits by selecting the war class gear when you finish your quests!


More to come!!

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV!

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