The Primeval Feast

What will you be doing this summer? It’s warm outside, breezy beautiful summer weather and I can NOT wait for Summerfest. Also the 1.9 sliver Primeval Feast was on the PTS this weekend! Yes, I will be chained to my desk for the summer.  If you didn’t take the time to drop in and take a look, here are some screenshots, just for you guys:

* The new Sliver of Primeval Feast has been discovered in Droughtlands!
* As a companion sliver to Infernal Dawn, Primeval Feast is intended to be more difficult than the challenges of Rise of the Phoenix, and its rewards appropriately more powerful.
* Fae Lord Twyl, after consuming Greenscale’s power, is on the rise. The Plane of Life runs rampant, devouring all it can reach – running low on prey, they turn on Lord Greenscale himself, attempting to consume the dragon of Life and his essence. It’s up to the Ascended to give them a good pruning before Lord Twyl and his minions expand unchecked into other Slivers of Telara to feed their hunger! — Amary

Primeval Feast is in Droughtlands  in Redoubt. For those that love achievements you will probably remember Redoubt more than those that just ran through their quests. There were quite a few quests to finish inside of Redoubt but they weren’t difficult enough to be at the forefront of your mind, say like Profane Priests from Silverwood which is a level 15 quests and I still remember, not so fondly! Ahem… So, Redoubt. Fortunately for us Telara now has a friendly proticulum right near where Redoubt and our new sliver will be. Forethought on the developer’s part? I would think that’s a yes!

There is a Life Invasion there so be prepared and bring friends! Although, part of this sliver can be soloed if you are so inclined and want to just run in to check things out. When you zone in you will notice straight away that there are a LOT of mobs, and I do mean a lot of level 52 elites. And they look like they’re ready to tear you to shreds, so you want to tread carefully. You may also notice your new zone in quest.

First thing you’ll see when you walk in, a lot of mobs and these don’t look like they’re going to invite you over for a friendly dinner. You’ll also notice dead, little glowey goblins on the ground. SHINEY! Yes, you want the shiney!

You may also notice in your new Feast of Heroes quest that you need to destroy both Life Anchors and as long as they are active  you will not be able to kill any of Twyl’s minions “by normal means”. You will have to use an ability you get when you change forms or a carefully placed bomb. Anything else will get you a quick trip to a dirt nap. Goblin corpses will give you bombs to play with while you work your way further in.

Once you’re actually inside the dungeon you will transform. You will be able to sneak past a handful of mobs but look for those few that have True Sight, they will be able to see your true form. While fighting those mobs watch out for their Eyebeams. They will remove your two minute disguise. Run into the blue circles or click on the white orbs to regain it.

Lots of interesting stuff to be found in this sliver. A maze, empty chests that will remove your disguise and suck you in for 15 seconds before releasing you, The Shade of Prince Hylas will give you a “summon corpse” get out of jail free card, just in case your friend’s corpse can not be reached. However, there is an achievement for not using that free res. And still tons more fun to be had!

Achievement whore at heart? You will not be disappointed.

So far on the PTS you can gain 180 points inside Primeval Feast, which is right on par with the 200 or so that you can receive from the other 10 mans.– Rift Nerd

Some of those achievements are:

  • Anchors Away: Destroy both Life Anchors at the same time.
  • Don’t Exceed your Carrion Limit: Never use the Shade of Hylas’ Recall Corpse ability.
  • Hedge Fun: Finish the Hedge Maze with no deaths. **This one sounds fun!**

I can not wait to sink my teeth into this expansion! It looks like a ton of fun! AND if you notice in the second screenshot there is a small taste of what the summerfest may be like! Phase 2. Bug Spray… more life rifts?

Thank you to my guildies for helping me stay updated with all this great information! Especially Turrant!

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