Dyes in GW2

In the past few days I’ve been compiling a list of Guild Wars 2 dyes and hope that you guys enjoy the immense variety that ArenaNet is giving us. It was announced that there will be 400 dyes in the game, probably counting the starter dyes. Plenty to sink your teeth into!

There are 400 dyes in the game, we do not think of dyes as something that a character should unlock all of, it is not meant to be a collection feature. Each character should have a unique palette and we have made enough colors to make this possible. Dyes come from world drops, rewards, crafting, the Mystic Forge, and the Gem Store and we expect that over the life of a character you will collect a lot of them. — Crystin Cox

I’m not entirely sure what to think of this. I am the type of person that wants to unlock everything.   Another poster went on to say…

It is all well and good to say that you didn’t design the dye palette to be a collection feature, however this completely discounts the psyche of the average MMO player. We are almost all of us completionists. While you may have designed the dyes to not be a full collectors endeavour, the player psyche ensures that regardless, it WILL BE.

And I have to agree. They may not have set it up to BE a collection, but it is. There are 400 dyes to get, how many of us will make it our GW2 life’s work to obtain all 400 dyes? Of course having 400 dyes, I might not get anything else done in GW2, but I will definitely look pretty!

She also went on to say…

We are working on a a way for you to make the exact color of dye you want using the Mystic Forge. You will need to get a specific crafting material for each color but you will get the exact color you want.

Now this idea I love. Crystin you must have read my mind because I was JUST thinking that this would be a great way to introduce quite a few of the harder to obtain dyes. Heck, even those dyes that everyone is coveting like maybe someone else’s starter dyes. Also, there’s another thought, if you’re looking for that ONE great, ohmygodthisisthebestcolorever dye, what if you collect all 400 dyes before it drops for you!?  I love the idea of the Apothecary in Rift, but honestly the dyes that can be made do not even touch the extensive palette that is set up in GW2. Hear that Trion? We need more colors in Apothecary! But an Apothecary in GW2, now that would be amazing! Ohhhh… I’m seeing pretty colors fly in front of my face!

We really don’t want dyes to be a Gem Store only feature, we understand that some people would be willing to pay more to get exact dyes or all the dyes but we want to keep some aspects of the dyes system in the game.

I’m really glad that she is stating this. I was worried that this would be the only way to obtain dyes, and honestly I don’t see myself shelling out lots of mula just for dyes. Well, ok, I say that now, but as soon as the game comes out we’ll see if my story changes!

Ok, so I’m happy and sad about this. I am still very excited about the dye system and I think that excitement will overtake the idea that the colors are character based. I was kinda curious how I was going to get my favorite dyes. I guess we shall all find out together!



5 thoughts on “Dyes in GW2

  1. I’m about as far from a completionist in anything as it’s possible to be. Not only will I not be attempting to collect all 400 dyes, I don’t even want to know what they all are. I was playing with dyes last beta and it was fun, although what could actually be done with them seemed a bit limited. As a ranger I’m pretty much stuck with browns and greens anyway, at least if i want to blend into the scenery in proper Robin Hood style!

    • hahah! So very true! No red and pink for you!

      I get bored easily. Although even with the dyes my guardian got I was pretty satisfied and I’m pretty sure I only had 75 or so. And already some of those colors I was IN LOVE with. 😀

  2. This is fantastic! Thank you for the resource 🙂

    Any thoughts of collecting list of different armor models?
    It’d compliment the dye listing nicely IMO

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