GW2 Beta 2

First impressions Part Two:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game! I had to basically scrap the Necro since she was on the hubby’s account BUT I now have my very own account to play on and got my Guardian to about level 16 and played with a few more professions just to get a real feeling of who/what I like the most. Also, I set my dyes onto my guides page. Send in all your pretty pics if you have a color that is not there.

  • Waypoints are my favorite part of this game. Find them all now!
  • 0 copper waypoints are even better!
  • Going to different newbie areas is FUN and a really nice change of pace when you get bored with your own newbie area.
  • If you do enjoy healing, it seems that the Elementalalist (water) had quite a few group healing abilities. Super fun but really, really squishy but still interesting.
  • Crafting can be hard, but it is interesting and takes away from the feeling of “grinding” levels.
  • If you plan to craft, hit every node you see starting at level 1.
  • The instruments used for gathering crafting materials can be out leveled and will give you junk. Purchase new ones as you level up!
  • The overflow system worked beautifully! When you’re in a group and not on the same channel, clicky your group mate and join his/her channel. Easy!
  • I NEED more bank space. Even with the crafting material space I noticed really fast that I just did not have room for anything. This is going to be an issue for the packrats out there.
  • Unidentified Dyes were dropping left and right!!! 😀 This makes me a happy girl.
  • Guardian is still my favorite!

Plans for Next Beta:

  • IF there is another beta I plan to try out pvp a bit more. Oyyy! Ok, make that a maybe.
  • Really dig into crafting a bit. I’ll wait on cooking until release but I want a good idea of what all is out there.
  • Find out if you can switch crafts and still keep your level… could be interesting.
  • Research Guild information. I didn’t find much that I could do even being our GM.
  • And of course, get more dyes!

Quite a few people are still saying this isn’t ready for launch. Really? Not only did I finish the human starting area and ventured over to the Black Citadel, I got a ton of screenshots of dyes, had a ton of fun finding clothes just to see what they looked liked dyed, got new weapons and played with those, completely enjoyed the concept of dailies not being actually quests you had to turn in… and much, much more. Does this game have bugs still? I’m sure it does but it’s hard to tell. I can NOT wait until release and will keep my fingers crossed that the official announcement will come out soon. I seriously am ready to play this game!

2 thoughts on “GW2 Beta 2

    • DITTO THAT!!! I seriously was hoping on June 29th. Of course that’s still a couple of days away but if it was then you would think they would have more marketing for it… so… yeah, I think our wait will be a bit longer.

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