GW2 and JC

So, I had ventured into the crafting world last beta, but of course being the stubborn person I am, I tried cooking until I was broke, broke, broke! So, this time I took a different approach. Jewelcrafting (JC)!


***Will add as I find more info***

There are four levels of ore that you can mine.

  • Copper (1) Can be found in any areas with mountains. The gems can be found in various places and off of mobs.
  1. Turquoise Pebble +3 Vitality
  2. Garnet Pebble +3 Power
  3. Amber Pebble (From trees) +4 Condition Damage
  4. Malachite Pebble (25) +3 Toughness
  5. Tiger’s Eye Pebble +3 Precision
  6. Pearl (I have yet to find a pearl, but I haven’t been in the water too much..)

Transmogrified Gems (50+):

  1. Lapis Nugget +5 Vitality, +2 Toughness
  2. Carnelian Nugget +5 Power, +2 Precision
  3. Peridot Nugget +5 Precision, +2 Vitality
  4. Sunstone Nugget +5 Precision, +1% Magic Find
  5. Topaz Nugget +6 Condition, +2 Precision
  6. Amethyst Nugget + 5 Power, +2 Vitality
  • Silver (75)
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Starting out with jewelcrafting is quite simple, you want to keep all of the copper ore, any gems and any glittering dust you get. You will need a LOT, sadly I didn’t count but each TWO copper ore makes one ingot and you need at least two ingots to make anything. You start with being able to make:

  • Band (3 ingots)
  • Hook (2 ingots)
  • Setting (2 ingots)
  • Filigree (2 ingots)
  • Chain (4 ingots)

After making a few (and I do mean a FEW!), you will notice that you are not finding anything else. In other crafting in GW2 as you level you automatically get new designs, however in JC you have to discover nearly everything you make. So open that discovery window, make sure you have all your stuff in your inventory, hooks, settings, tons of gems, etc… and start playing. As you can see here, I have already created a Adorned Malachite Jewel, a setting and a chain. To make the Adorned Malachite simply put together a setting and a Malachite and voila. Here we are about to discover the Malachite Amulet (master).

So, to do this,

  1. Make Adorned jewels by putting together your gems with filigrees.
  2. Add the already Adorned jewels to chains or hooks using a setting.
  3. *** Rings do not need Adorned Jewels to add to them.

Once you get to level 50 you will notice you now have new designs! You can now Transmogrify!! Hip hip hooray! What does transmogrification do for you? Well, you take two gems and that glittering dust you’ve been saving to make a newer, improved gems. And who doesn’t like newer and improved? Ohhh and there’s one design that requires a copper doubloon, I have yet to find one of those.

From here until you reach 75 JC you want to continue making what you can. I used my leftover gems to go ahead and transmogrify so I was ready to use them in the silver ore I find.

I did notice over on GW2 Wiki that each level of ore has the same basic principle, so the fun of JC will be finding the designs we don’t know.

  • Band (3 ingots)
  • Hook (2 ingots)
  • Setting (2 ingots)
  • Filigree (2 ingots)
  • Chain (4 ingots)



**Updates coming soon!**






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