War of the Wanton Maw

This quest was adding during the War of the Wanton Maw event and is supposed to turn into the Earth and Fire Epic Quest when the War of the Wanton Maw is over, May 24.

If you’re building your Planar Attunement, each quest gives you a full PA plus some Molten Gold and some other goodies.

**This guide is for the Guardian (G) and Defiant (D)**

  1. Investigation
  2. Connecting the Dots
  3. Vanquish the General
  4. Gap in the Armor
  5. Parcels Through the Cracks
  6. A Mighty Blow
  7. The Golden Ticket
  8. Putting out the Fire
  9. Third Degree Burns

Unlike our earlier epic quests, the Life and Water Saga, this quest will require a group for nearly every stage. So, be prepared! And I say nearly, but pretty much every stage you’re going to need a tank, healer and some dps just to stay alive. So, to get started venture into Sanctum and speak with Corporal Riltas in Tavril Plaza, Defiant speak with Adept Dinoce in the Training Yard of Meridian. They will put you on the quest, Investigation. You will need to collect 15 Invasion Orders from Major Earth and Fire Rifts that give experience.

When you turn that in, Sergeant Horran (G) and Legionnaire Amiruth (D), will ask you to kill 20 Brass Brutes for Connecting the Dots. The Brass Brutes are in Droughtlands and spawn periodically when someone comes near their crystals. The best place we found was Harlen’s Lament, which is also where the boss for the next quest spawns. You’ll find about six crystals while running around there and as long as each party member is in the vicinity every will get credit. You don’t actually have to hit the Brutes.

To the Top.. After turning in Connecting the Dots you will get Vanquish the General. At the top of Harlan’s Lament you will be able to summon Bouldergut, a level 52 elite who is no push over. We had a full group and still had a tough time with him. Prepare for stuns, kick backs, adds and lots of healing. If you dps the turrents you will kill them but they respawn. If you can, just heal through that damage.

We’ve determined that one of minions, Bouldergut, has based his operations at Harlan’s Lament. We need you to neutralize the threat he poses immediately.

After you kill that jerk you get another Planar Attunement, some more Molten Gold and a nifty little Fire Breathing, the Breath of Maelforge which is Bound to Account. Just a fun little thing with a 10 second cool down. It doesn’t do any damage, just looks cool. 😉 So, have fun!

Next you must destroy the Wanton Mar Captains. To do this go back to Corporal Riltas (G) and Adept Dinoce (D) and get the quest Gap in the Armor. You will need to venture to Shimmersands to find all four Captains, all Level 50 elites. After turning this in you will then receive Parcels in the Cracks.

Go out, confront The Wanton Maw as they invade a zone, and recover anything they may be using to relay orders. Perhaps then, we can locate the Generals on our own terms.

There are five different devices as well as ten device power cells that you need to acquire. You will need to wait for Earth and Fire Invasions for these.

  1. Damaged Transmitter
  2. Device Motor
  3. Device Gear
  4. Device Antenna
  5. Device Amplifier
  6. Device Power Cell (10)

To the Top.. I went about my normal business, mostly fishing, while waiting for events to pop. You will receive the devices at the end of an invasion but it is not a 100% drop rate. It took just about two full days of waiting for events to get everything this quest requires.

Once this is all done you will receive A Mighty Blow from General Ina’gara (G) or Stratego Iakale (D). They will ask you to place the device at the risen area in Shimmersand’s Tempest Plains. You will need to kill Gorlach who is another Level 52 elite. Again having both tank and healer is definitely helpful here. We were able to do it with three but another joined us and made the fight a lot easier and faster. Not only will you have to deal with normal boss damage but also a sniper. Have your healer ready to heal the person that gets the beam on them. They will take some massive damage. Kill, kill, kill, heal, heal, heal, dps like crazy! Done… go turn in!

A Mighty Blow also has some nice quest rewards. If you check on the rewards they count towards your 1/4 for Tier 1 raid badge gear! Nice addition there Trion! Check out the rest of the fabulous rewards at Zam.

To the Top.. The next quest you should receive is The Golden Ticket from Captain Envris (G) or Brigadier Andan (D). I hope you still have that group handy because the next quest is to enter expert dungeons and find the Emissaries of Maelforge and Laethys. Once killed you must collect the Wanton Maw Treaty Document. There is only one Emissary per dungeon so you will have to do this no less than five times to finish. However, if your group does not want to complete full dungeons you can go into Darkening Deeps and at the bottom of the ramp prior to getting to Alchemist Braxtepel. You can kill the Emissary, leave the dungeon, reset it, then rinse and repeat! Of course there are no marks or other rewards for doing it this way, but you will get the quest done faster, which in itself is a reward!

Once done you will receive Putting out the Fire. To get there we traversed the mountain on the Scarlet Gorge side. Follow the Old Mule Road. You’ll notice a rock jutting out of the cliff and right above that rock a section you can climb up. If you go to the right of the rock underneath the platform you can climb right up the side of the mountain. Once on top of the platform you want to make your way to the left, continually working your way upwards. Continue that way until the ground levels out, then take a bit of a turn to the right. If you’re close to the top of the mountain you should be able to see the trees from Stonefield.

To the Top.. The eggs themselves are not too difficult. They do spawn quite a few adds but other than that in a shammicar spec, these weren’t bad. However you know straight away when a dragon spawns, mainly because you’ll start getting the crap beat out of you. Both Level 52 elite, these particular dragons had the normal dragon fare, breathed fire, summoned adds, Finadros flew into the air at one point. Nothing too difficult to deal with, but the healing was a bit intense at the start. Once you get your bearings everything should go pretty smoothly.

**Note: At the beginning of this quest I died and the dragon was not respawning. I abandoned and reacquired the quest but later noticed that the dragons do not only spawn when the 10 eggs are killed. The second go around Estinal spawned about five eggs in but Finadros had to be coaxed out by killing a few more. I was able to get the quest done when the eggs all respawned without any problems.**

  • Destroy 10 Molten Eggs 0/10
  • Destroy 10 Earthen Eggs 0/10
  • Defeat Nest Warden Estinal
  • Defeat Nest Warden Finadros
  • Return to General Ina’gara (G) or Stratego Tonust (D)

After all of that you can pat yourself on the back. One final quest to complete this line. This is the toughest of them all however and if possible to make things easy you may want to bring more than just a full group, especially if you can find others on the same quest, which is now Third Degree Burns. You will find this quest in Emberisle, inside of the volcano.

To the Top.. Once inside the volcano everyone on the quest will see chains that are holding up the prisoners. You will want to use the chains to lower and subsequently free them but in doing so you will also release all kinds of hell upon you. Get ready for some serious healing, especially if you do not have a full group because there will be multiple adds which will continuously spawn until you kill Deadeye Tinrada to rescue Cyril Kalmar.

The toys you get at the end of this quest line are:

To the Top.. Keko is actually pretty cute although a guildie says he makes funny noises. He reminds me of a volcanoish gremlin! If nothing else, the quest was worth doing for the PA and that little guy! To ALL the guildies that helped, THANK YOU!!! ❤

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