Guild Wars 2 Red

** C- Common, UC- Uncommon, R- Rare**

***Other colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, Black, Gray and White ***


  1. Abyss (C)
  2. Adobe Sunset (C)
  3. Blush (C)
  4. Bold (UC)
  5. Brandywine (R)
  6. Brick (C)
  7. Burgundy (R)
  8. Cherry (UC)
  9. Cinnamon (UC)
  10. Cotton Candy (R)
  11. Coral (UC)
  12. Crush (UC)
  13. Demure (UC)
  14. Evening Red (UC)
  15. Far Mountain (C)
  16. Flush (UC)
  17. Heather (UC)
  18. Humiliation (C)
  19. Lifeblood (UC)
  20. Lipstick (R)
  21. Maroon (R)
  22. Midnight Rose (UC)
  23. Oxblood (R)
  24. Papaya (C)
  25. Pastel Pink (C)
  26. Pastel Rose (C)
  27. Persephone (C)
  28. Pink (UC)
  29. Pink Ice (C)
  30. Pink Tint (UC)
  31. Primrose (R)
  32. Red (C)
  33. Rememberance – (UC)
  34. Rose Breeze (C)
  35. Rose Ice (C)
  36. Rose Shade (UC)
  37. Rose Tint (R)
  38. Ruby (UC)
  39. Scarlet (C)
  40. Strawberry (C)
  41. Strawberry Breeze (C)
  42. Strawberry Cream (C)
  43. Sunset (C)
  44. More to come!

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23 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Red

  1. Thank you for compiling this list from the GW2 Guru thread. I appreciate being able to see them all sorted by color.
    The screens I got of dye are the ones with the red mohawk that shows the two sets. Both of the sets shown are medium armor (at least on a thief I couldn’t wear anything but medium).
    I included both because the right set has a cloth shirt and even parts which could be leather (top over shirt and pants) dye very deeply. By contrast the left set dyes very lightly and looks faded for some dark colors but can pick light colors up in a more interesting (to me) way. In the coat of the left set you can also see how even the same material on the same piece can pick up dye differently.

    • I love that you did that! I will have to do that with any future screenshots that I take as well! Plus any new ss’s of the same colors but different material I plan on putting up also. 😀 I’m loving the range but boy will there be a ton of colors to collect!

  2. Ugh, this is awful! There are so many great colors! Between my compulsive completionist tendencies and my love of getting my character’s look ‘just so’, I know what I will be spending the majority of my gems on ingame for sure!

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    • Thank you! And I completely agree!! It’s not flawless but it’s so close! 😀 CAN NOT WAIT!

      If you do get any dyes or pics, send them my way! I’d love to post them.

  13. Hi, I just wanted to say that you can use the images I’ve posted on my blog to add to your dye collection. It’s pretty much what I spent the second BWE doing, taking screenshots of dyes. Considering that dyes aren’t going to be account bound (boo!) it’s really essential to get as many images out there as possible so players can make an informed choice when they unlock a dye. I saw the post on gw2guru re:dyes from the last BWE, and I thought it was such a brilliant idea.

    • Thank you! We’re still missing quite a few but getting there. 😀 My hubby thinks I’m starting to get obsessed. Maybe just a little but I just love knowing what they’ll look like and what colors there will be! I think it’s amazing that we’ve come up with over 350 already!

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