Star Wars

Ok… after a few of my fabulous guildies decided to play this game, I thought why not join them? If I don’t enjoy it I can simply go back to Rift, which I love! But surprisingly Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting two thumbs up from this gal!!

The most exciting part if you have even just watched Star Wars while growing up are the quest lines that you run into throughout your career. Added into already good quests are amazing cut scenes! As you start to talk to someone either to retrieve or to turn in a quest you are taken to a cut scene to watch yourself speak with this person or people. But then you also get to choose your answers. Some answers are very Princess Bride and you can do your duty or say as you wish as much as you like, and then there are the snarky answers which really raise some eyebrows but always seem to get a laugh out of me!

I have decided to make a Sage Counsulor, which basically can heal but also has two specs for dps. I’m a healer at heart so I figured, why not go all the way and I love it! She is strictly light (which is the as you wish answers) so I have also made a Knight which shall be going total dark jedi. I have already run into two quests where she could choose to kill someone instead of bringing them into the Jedi Counsul.

So…. overall opinion? I seriously love this game. It’s quirky and fun and although it is an mmo it has a real indepth experience that I was missing. I look forward to leveling and learning more about the game so I can share…. Pictures incoming as soon as my hubby gets my fried desktop back in order!!!

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