So.. as most of you know I’m a gamer in Rift. I really enjoy what 1.5 has brought to us but getting to level 50 and for the most part doing dailies can be boring.

So, why do people continue logging in? I wrote about guildies before, often actually and I think it’s true that being in a guild where you feel accepted and needed is really important.

But a funny thing happened today. I was on the Rift forums and someone called me the President of the Welcoming Committee on our shard. At first I was like, hey wait! But then I realized, yes that’s who I am. This guy is a defiant and although I don’t even see him in game (unless I want to get my ass kicked in pvp!) he knows who I am and how I treat other people! And that just made me feel great!

I know, all you hardcore people out there are probably barfing right about now, but seriously… even if you’re in a game killing zombies, do you want a jerk that you can’t trust by your side or someone who can kick ass and carry a good conversation once the zombies are down? I’m all in for option two!!!


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