Back in action!

Had a fabulous time with the Real Life event that Trion held. Actually made it to the 24 hour point, which was my 30 hour point because the hubby got me up early for grocery shopping! And although I was tired it was a lot of fun and I actually started that little mage, FINALLY!!!

I do have to thank some guildies though! A whole group of people stayed up in mumble with me until 5:30 AM. I wish they could get an achievement and/or title as well! If they wouldn’t have stayed around I would have been drooling on my keyboard, no joke! Wait, what? I don’t drool… I would have been, uhh… daintily sleeping sprawled over my desk… Uhh sure! Daintily sprawled, can you even imagine it!?

Any way… back in action with lots of sleep over the last two nights. So, I hope you guys are looking forward to more FLUFF!!! 😀

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