I’m not a hoarder, I throw away everything, or at least go through my banks on a pretty average basis. Close to daily and but still, like Restokin my bank is full of all kinds of stuff that I would really rather hold onto. In Rift it just happens to be wardrobe stuff because I have yet to buy those extra two slots. Not to mention I’m an apothecary and I love to make dyes. I have three bags full of stuff for my guild raids and stuff that I keep separate just for dyes and various other vials. And still my bank is constantly full of useless stuff, not junk necessarily, just stuff!

So, I’m happy that World of Warcraft is setting up a Void Storage. I think more MMO’s should probably think about adopting this. Sometimes you just don’t want to throw away miscellaneous item #4 that you got when you were level 8 but thought was soooo cool! Maybe it’s not soooo cool now, but you still enjoy having it around. Or that outfit you worked so hard to obtain back in Tier 1. The void storage is a great way of allowing us to have space for certain items without taking away space in our normal bank. Great idea for me and probably even better for you hoarders out there. Two thumbs up WoW.



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