I have a lot of fun playing dress up in the mmo world but there are some games that still feel like you shouldn’t have a wardrobe slot, or ten of them! The problem with not having a wardrobe is that you will wind up looking like every other (insert class here) that has been where you have. In most games you will look like crap until you get into the upper levels but then you start seeing a lot of people that look just like you, especially if there is no dye option!

Epic Slant talks about my first mmo, Everquest, and how when the dyes came out people jumped at the opportunity to buy them, I know I did. But things have changed and now with a full wardrobe to play with in quite a few games and WoW coming out with the Transmogrification people are going to have a lot to think about when gearing up but not quite like before. Before appearance slots if you wanted to look good you had to work at it. If you wanted to NOT look like your every day person where everyone knew exactly what you were wearing and how you got it, you had to be creative. But is it less creative to look for the perfect outfit to match who your character wants to be?

Once the wardrobe was set up in Rift it took me quite a few outfits and a lot of dye to find my perfect look and now I’ve had it for a couple months and it’s the first time I haven’t changed weekly. I feel like Nikayla knows who she is and where she’s going and no matter what she’s doing she’s going to look damn good doing it! Don’t all gaming companies want us to feel like this? Apparently WoW does with the new transmogrification that they are releasing and honestly I say, about time!

WTS Heals goes through what you need to do to make transmogrification work and how it will affect the priests.

In her post about transmogrification she definitely thinks this is a plus and goes on to say

The WoW community may have many problems, but lack of creativity and passion from the side of the players is certainly not one of them. I think people will enjoy switching between different outfits to spice things up, and coming up with new combinations just to show off.

As a person that hated my characters looking the same day in and day out I think she’s correct. I get really excited when a game allows players to customize their look. I’ve done it in all my games so far except for WoW and now they’re finally opening up! Excited about the WoW changes? Want to know more about 4.3… take a look.

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