Some of you will say that raiding isn’t fluff, but I think to a point it is. It’s fun to get into a 10 or 20 man (up to 70 depending on the game you play) and work with a bunch of different people to down a boss, or a lot of them! Seeing people get upgrades is a plus also!

My favorite raiding was way back in EQ when I was leading the CH rotation (complete heal). It was intense to say the least! Seven clerics had to line up and spam a macro to tell the next cleric when to heal. Awesome! In my latest raiding world we’ve grown accustomed to being a little more slack in raids, getting the job done yes, but making sure we’re having fun while we’re doing it.

I noticed the lack of that in my WoW guild and I really missed raiding for a long time because of it. Raiding adds a dimension, even casual raiding, that lack of raiding will never get to. Even completing a ton of achievements just doesn’t have the same accomplishment as working together. When a guild has a goal in mind and sets themselves to continue raiding until it’s done, it just feels good! But you have to have the people and the mindset to do that. To be patient to not push content at every turn, to want to finish stuff together instead of running to the next raiding guild.

It looks like what I’m really talking about here is being in a good guild but I think both are great ways to enjoy the gaming experience.

So, when I read the blog from Priest with a cause about the new wow raid pug system I do cringe a bit. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about five man pugs much less about a full raid full of pugs. Is anyone else totally frightened by this prospect or will this open up a new way of raiding? I’m really hoping on the later because the post that she wrote is definitely on par with the nightmares that I’m thinking may happen. Here’s to a can of worms being opened…

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