Shall we dance

As I’ll be gone for a week to Disneyworld (YAY!!!) but I’m looking forward to coming back because I’m already anticipating the Harvest Festivals!! This is one of my favorite time of years, not only because I can finally start making apple pie but because the gaming world comes out with all kinds of neat things to do, some having to do with the harvest, some with Halloween, some just running around having fun!

My personal favorite in LoTRo is getting the Inn League Membership. This is yet another year that I plan on running around, half drunk out of my mind, wait, half drunk? Fully drunk out of my mind while trying to do the Inn League quests! The initiation to become a league member is always done during an event and they do get you to run around quite a bit but it’s part of the fun. My goal is to get the title Inn League Notable this year! This should be a ton of fun especially since my poor little hobbit, Chearie Littlebottom, has yet to get this done! Ack, the horror! .. Here’s a great guide to the past few years events, hopefully these will still show their scary (but fun) faces!

Another game that has some pretty interesting things to do during the harvest is WoW. Each year they start the festival in September and although I’m not playing WoW this year I’m really looking for some screenshots! It’s always been a great event and I’m sure this year will be just as fun as the past.

Rifts will hopefully add in a harvest event as well. I know some people are getting tired of their events but I like them! I’m sure you guys aren’t surprised by this.

This is just a few of the games that I’m looking at for events but I’m hoping that more will be out there lurking behind every shadowy corner. Beware…

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