Holy Trinity

In many games I’ve played, you need a healer, tank and of course some dps. Looking for a group can be difficult if everyone is tired of healing or if no one wants to step up to the plate and take the responsibility as tank. There always seems to be a ton of dps though! Dpsing in most mmo’s is just more fun. No responsibility, no one is looking at you to carry them through, you can just relax, kill mobs and have fun! Guild Wars 2 is taking a different approach this go around and from what I’m reading it sounds like it could work.

We keep hearing other MMO developers espousing the “holy trinity” of DPS/ heal/tank with such reverence, as if this is the most entertaining combat they have ever played. Frankly, we don’t like sitting around spamming “looking for healer” to global chat. That feels an awful lot like preparing to have fun instead of having fun.

Instead of the traditional trinity, every Guild Wars 2 profession is self reliant–not only can they all help each other by reviving in combat, but all professions have ways to build their characters differently to make them more versatile for group play.

They’re also taking the extreme penalty for death out of the game, saying basically that death IS ALREADY a penalty. Why attach more penalty to death? This is one reason that games take the fluff out. When I die and I lose experience or in some games deding, I tend to get frustrated and I know that’s a game I’m not going to be playing for long. On the flip side if there is a steep death penalty do people pay more attention to their environment? One way or another, GW2 is taking the huge penalties out and I think I’m going to enjoy that! Along with this everyone will be given abilities to do a sort of res if they are still killing enemies, like a battle res but as an ability when someone dies. Also like in Everquest where you’re down before you’re out, in GW2 you’re going to fall down before dying BUT (and here’s the real difference) you will have certain downed abilities!

A warrior might daze an enemy by throwing a rock. An elementalist might lock down their foe with Grasping Earth. While you are downed, if you manage to kill an enemy, you will rally, returning to life to fight again. When you rally, you are thrust right back in the action.

This is sounding like a huge step outside of what we’ve all grown to know as the holy trinity of mmo’s and I’m really looking forward to it! Check out the full article from Guild Wars to learn even more about what they’re planning!


4 thoughts on “Holy Trinity

  1. Excellent article, and I wholly support the idea of self-reliant classes, after all we’re supposed to be playing somewhat heroic classes in the fantasy setting right? They’d all know how to take care of themselves … why not in games too? 🙂 (+1 to Raptr)

    • I died on my new warrior about five times yesterday and was thinking the same thing… where’s my self-reliance!!!? I figured it out though, well the hubby helped me figure it out, I was specced kinda wierd. Much better now! 😀 But I am really looking forward to this!!!!

  2. Tell me about it! Like a lot of people, I’m more excited about GW2 lately than I am SW:TOR. Only thing that I am concerned about is the PvP. I want to know more about the WvWvW setup that they have – battlegrounds bore me to tears 🙂

    • I haven’t seen much about the pvp but funnily enough I was just researching it! I’m sure we’ll find out more soon! I hope! 😀

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