Cake or death!?

The festivities yesterday started with cake, The Cake of the Gods. This was a simple little quest acknowledging that Rift hit their six month anniversary and not only gave you five cake slices with an endurance buff when you share it but also another cute title, Cake Lord or Lady and an achievement.

I hope everyone is having as much fun with this adventure as I am! I started a new warrior and plan to use all the extra experience as I can over the next week, as well as getting into raiding on Nikayla and enjoying the extra chance for plaques.

There was only one thing that utterly confused me about this, ok make that two things. I don’t mind loud noises but what was with all the honking? One of our guildies actually started spamming HONK noises in guild chat just to join in on the fun! Apparently party = honk? I’m not so sure about that, but ok. And the second was Millie. A, shall I say, heavily topped lady that is the town crier in Sanctum. She was quite literally overflowing. Someone quick, go grab her a shirt that fits!!!! I’m not saying I don’t think scantily clad women should not be in mmo’s, but this women in particular looks like she could be in some pain. I really feel sorry for her back.

Overall, the festivities were a lot of fun and I’m really glad that Trion decided to make this a weekly event! I’m definitely in for the full week, and if I get enough time in, maybe I can even get this little warrior up some more! YAY Trion!

The title of this forum post goes to the great Eddie Izzard, if you haven’t seen the clip Cake or Death, check it out!

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