How many licks does it take..

Find out with Lollipop Chainsaw. But don’t let those pom poms fool you! Juliet is one not to be messed with cheerleader!  Bedazzled chainsaws are definitely the new way of killing zombies!

Now I’m not much of a fan of PS3 games. It just seems silly to buy a lot of one player games when it’s the hubby and myself. I used to sit in front of the Nintendo way back but that was for Mario! But this may just change my thinking! It’s now time to get into one player games, it’s for zombies because apparently I can’t get enough zombie killing! This looks cute but with enough gore to keep the adults interested and probably most teenagers. Makes a girl happy!!

More about Juliet

How could one, sweet cheerleader change the image of females everywhere?

Suck on this news from Joystiq & more screenshots.

Here’s the official website and trailer. By the way, not out until 2012! Dang!!! Stomps feet and looks for a chainsaw!

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