LoTRo’s Draigoch

Here there be Dragons, and they be the ultimate fluff! Fluff now comes with fire!  Looks like we’re getting some info on the latest dragon in Lord of the Rings, the Draigoch which will be in the new expansion of LoTRo Isengard. Screenshot and impressions from DocHoliday and his take on this new dragon in Isengard and more from Justin over at Massively!

And if the screenshots of huge dragons breathing fire down your neck don’t get your excited, maybe this quote from DocHoliday will…

All in all, I’m very excited about more dragons in LOTRO and something as large as this dragon.  There’s something about epic fights against huge bosses that are very exciting for me.  Ost Dunhoth has a nice mix of small and large bosses, but LOTRO hasn’t really had a huge boss since Thorog, which still is one of my favorite boss fights in game.  Imagining Draigoch mixed in with all the tricks we’ve seen in the new instances, with all the new stuff they’re working on, has me very excited for this fight.

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