Chat Channels

I’m a friend of chatting, really I am. I talk to my recruits for an hour, sometimes more just to see what they’re like. I love my job!

What I don’t love are chat channels. They seem to be necessary in the gaming world, a way of getting to know other players that are not in your guild. Sometimes even grabbing a pug or two from chat channels can be a great experience.

And then you let the idiots in.

Look, I’m not saying I’m never an idiot, I’ll be the first to admit that but I don’t spam nor will I ever troll the chat channels, especially with vial descriptions of what someone did to someone else’s mother. Why this is still hilarious is way beyond my understanding, except maybe unless you’re 13. But that’s exactly my point, why would you let your entire server know you’re a moron that is just getting kicks by spamming everyone’s chat screen with useless crap? For attention I’m sure but it’s still completely ridiculous and it’s taking away from my Fluff!

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