1/2 Year Celebration

Fantastic post over at Massively about Rift turning 6 months old for most gamers this may not be a big deal and they don’t understand why Trion is celebrating such a small date but to me this makes total sense. Gamers need something to pull them in and Rift is doing just that, with making new subscriptions during their celebration week cost only $4.99 and giving those already subscribed fun stuff to do over the week and more to take with us for afterwards.

Aug 25 – 31 marks the week of Celebrating.


We’ll be offering all sorts of rewards like ramped-up XP and Prestige gain for subscribers, and letting former players and newcomers play for free (with no level restriction)! And did we mention prizes? Save the dates to party in Telara and look for more information, coming your way soon!

Sounds like a blast and maybe a time I’ll finally get to that mage!

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