Gaming blogs

Although I do really still enjoy Rift, I also enjoy reading what other bloggers like about other games. Here’s some great blogs that I’ve found recently that have to do with gaming, you might want to take a look! Don’t forget to check out the Blogroll also! Some fabulous people over there!

Clerics Wear Plate — A funny look at gaming and all the quirks!

A High Latency Life –Gaming Blog, my favorite post is about the unicorn meat. Disturbing but maybe yummy!

Keen and Graev — Lots of great info on all kinds of gaming.

Too Damn Epic — My favorite post is here, where he talks about your brain on mmo’s. Kind of disturbing seeing that I probably play a bit too much.

Epic Slant — Gives tips on how to successfully run a guild!

There’s so many more out there but these caught my eye recently. Go take a look and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Gaming blogs

  1. Hiya! Thanks for the shout-out. I added you to my blogroll and greader! That post, by the way, is a little scary. If it ever sounds like I’m rambling at TDE (if you can tell the difference), I’m blaming my excessive video game habits. I’m a victim.

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