Plants vs Zombies!!

One of my favorite games of all time, although it’s not a mmorpg, is Plants vs Zombies. I just can’t get enough of this game, so I’m sure you can imagine my surprise as well as delight when World of Warcraft brought out a quest that had to do with Plants vs Zombies. If you haven’t found this yet you’re in for a treat!

You’ll want to head to Brazie the Botanist in Hillsbrad Foothills.

The first quest you get is Basic Botany. Just like in Plants vs Zombies you’ll want to gather sunlight, little orbs that fall from the sky, when you have enough sun place a sunflower on your lawn. The zombies will head in from the right so it’s better to place the little sunflowers to the very left of the farm so they will survive the onslaught. The first few zombies are very slow so you can place a few sunflowers, at least three, before you really have to worry about offense. Once you have a full row of sunflowers, work your offense but keep the 2nd row open for more sunflowers. You’ll need the sun that they’ll continue giving you in future waves.

When you finish Basic Botany he will give you Flower Power. The zombies will only spawn in the middle three rows. Planting offensive plants on the outside rows will not help. Once done you’ll get Ghouls Hate my Grains. Same thing for this quest, don’t forget sunflowers first, if you’re worried about zombies getting to them, plant a rockshut nut. This is the first quest where you’ll have to survive two waves of zombies.  The next quest, Lawn of the Dead, gives you Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds which gives you the pet Brazie’s Sunflower when you finish it. (see left pic)

The next quest, Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb asks you to survive another two, massive attacks. The bombs are expensive so you’ll definitely want to save up some sun for this. Plant your two rows of sunflowers and your other offensive plants making sure while doing so to save some for the bombs. They are your friends!

And now for the last quest, Tending the Garden. Two more waves to survive and you’re done!  Continue to plant two rows of sunflowers. The next row plant your peashooters, then work on your freezeya’s on row four. Save row five for vine and the sixth for the rockshut nut. Don’t forget your bombs! Save some sun just for them.

If you work this strategy this should be a pretty easy win for you! And I see that they’ve taken the daily out, let’s hope they’ll add that back into the game!

Totally addicted now? You can easily download this on your Iphone now. More Plants vs Zombies for everyone! Now if only they’d come out with a Plants vs Zombies 2!

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