Guild Wars 2

I’m starting to take a serious look at Guild Wars 2, especially after their week long introduction from ArenaNet to the new race, Sylvari. This race looks magnificent. The design and artistry that went into making this race makes it even more intriguing, the videos are making my mouth water! I just want to try this race out already!!! To get a more in depth look, read what Kristen Perry says on designing these interesting creatures.

Kristen Perry: I knew it was ultimately important to find the right balance between the beauty of the visuals and the mystic plant nature of the lore, but we also wanted to design a race that was unique to the Guild Wars world. So I began researching the perceptions and expectations surrounding the idea of plant people.

To see a video showing the Sylvari check out this post from Massively, The Past, Present and Future of the Guild Wars 2 Sylvari.

This is a very young race which might throw some gamers off but I’m thinking it makes the Sylvari even more interesting.

Now, I’m sometimes into lore, sometimes I’m in too much of a rush to wait to read all about the creatures and what made them or how they came to be who they are now. However, I think GW2 is doing a really smart thing by creating a new creature that we haven’t seen in gaming before. Even the Lord of the Rings Ents were pretty much just trees that could talk, not something that could be passed for human at first glance. I for one, am really getting excited about GW2!

Angel McCoy writes: The sylvari race is less than 25 years old, and most sylvari are younger than 20. When they come into the world, they have already seen much via the Dream, but they have experienced none of it themselves. For this reason, a sylvari may express surprise, joy, and even awe at the sight of something that most of Tyria’s citizens would consider mundane.

And I’ll leave you with one more amazing write up on the Sylvari. The Sylvari Soul on how the Sylvari were created and what they are really about by Angel McCoy.

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2

  1. This post really is whetting my appetite for GW2 too. I’m thinking even about installing GW again and getting re-acquainted with it up to when GW2 comes! 😀 Good post.

  2. Thank ya!! If I had more time I would be getting more into GW as well… at the moment though, it’s not going to happen. Oh well… I’m excited about GW2 enough that I may change my mind when my schedule changes a bit or after the excitement for Isengard wears off. LOL

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