Defiant Water Saga Part 3

Looking for part 1 or part 2?

We left off in part 2 with getting the Mask of all Seasons from Uriel Chuluun in Meridian. Uriel will now ask you to infiltrate the Abyssal by Joining the Cabal. You will need to go to Freemarch and look for Tideweaver Gelaine. Prior to speaking with her use your Visage of the Deep and she will then give you the quest Initiation. You will need to survive the assault. Once completed return to Tideweaver Gelaine. You will now receive Traitor of Meridian. This is a group (5) quest. Use your Visage of the Deep again to infiltrate Solace Cabal’s base camp, you will see a stone lit, click on it to study its writing. After doing this Tidweaver Gelaine will appear, speak with her again and she will aggro, as will the entire camp. After you slay them all the Faceless Man’s Soul Shard will be in the middle of the camp and lootable. Return to the Faceless Man in the Office of the Unseen in Meridian. He will give you the quest Seals Against the Deep.

Find and reinforce ten seals around Meridian. Once finished speak with Uriel Chuluun who will give you Unworking the Ritual. You will have to find Air Rifts of at least level 44 to get the air sourcestone you will also need to earn Ilchorin’s favor. To earn the favor go to Fortune’s shore and ask Asha how to lure cultists to Ilchorin. Then speak with Kaspar for advice, then go to Moonshade to get the Magic Lute from the mermaid. Once you get the lute draw out five cutthroat’s from Cutthroat Cove to Ilchorin. Once done return to Ilchorin. Now go to Anthousa Mona in Catari Command Center.

Antousa Mona will give you the quest Breaking the Bond, you will have to use the focus on the Faceless Man then kill the Spirit of Lyrr. Speak with Uriel in Meridian when you’re done and you will receive your epic shoulders. You can choose from … Chain: Stormwrecked Pauldrons, Tidehealer Pauldrons, Tidetorn Pauldrons; Cloth: Monsoon Pauldrons, Pauldrons of the Soothing Storm; Leather: Wavestorm Pauldrons, Tidedancer’s Pauldrons; Plate: Tidal Fury Pauldrons, Pauldrons of the Reef *** These shoulders can not be dyed ***

Uriel will give you the quest Faceless Gratitude, simply speak once more to The Faceless Man in Meridian and you shall receive the title Lord of Madness and … Crocnard!!

Grats to all that were able to accomplish this and thank you to Zam for filling in the gaps for Defiant. 😀

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