Defiant Water Saga Part 2

Looking for part 1?  You should still be in Chancel of Labors and if you spoke with Rurik he gave you the quest the Wreck of the Novia. This quest is off of the shore of Moonshade to the East and can be solo’d but they are level 50 elites so bring along a friend and some water breathing gear. There is definitely some swimming involved!

When done head back to Rurik in Chancel of Labors and he’ll give you the next quest which is Hiding Among Dragonslayers. You will have to seek out Bahram Feris who is at Wyrmbane Spire. For this next part you will have to have Decorated with Dragonslayers.

Once you are speak with Bahram again and he will give you the quest last of the Zardonis and ask you to seek out Atticus Tylakios. You’ll find him on the Northwest side of Shimmersands, over in Gritsquall Haven.

Once you turn in the quest and accept the next, Out of the Fire, you will have to follow him. Again make sure you have your water breathing for this part. If you have to return to the surface of the water you will fail the quest and have to start over. Follow him closely as he stops at each vent. I noticed he will not continue nor will mobs spawn until you click on the vents. Once you do click, kill the mobs and continue following. At the last step there will be a chest and that’s when you receive the Mask of the Deep. Once you have that head back to Chancel of Labors to turn into Rurik.

Now you should be on the quest A Token of the Fae. For this you actually have to just kill the first boss. The guy you have to talk to is in a cage just after. Once you speak with Chelius he will then ask you to follow him!! I caused myself a lot of trouble by not reading this quest! If you do not follow you will not be able to move along in the quest line. If that happens, bring someone else in that has A Token of the Fae, follow Chelius and then you will be able to move along. Chelius gives you the quest Enchanted Wood and when you follow him he will stand near the tree that you have to click on to receive. Once you get this.. guess what? Return to Rurik!!!

He now will give you Heir of Nyx, where you will return to Shimmersands, Fortune’s Shore this time to speak with Suria Batar. She will ask you to run around and steal three things for the quest Wishes of a Dominata. You must get the Ethian Sun Dial, a Bottle of Widow’s Wail’s Wine and a Golden Brazier. The only one that gave me trouble was the Ethian Sun Dial. When you try to steal any of these a mob will pop out but the Ethian Sun Dial, which is in a cave by the way not above Fortune’s Shore, the mob was constantly popping up anytime I touched anything making it impossible for me or my group mates to steal it. I went to the very right sun dial and when I clicked on that one the first time he popped up, the second time however he didn’t and we were able to finish the quest. When you are done stealing, go to the Western part of Fortune’s Shore to place the goods on the Khaliti Table. Make sure you hang around until the entire scene is done and once you get credit, head back to Suria. Back to your favorite guy, Rurik to turn in the quest Reclaimed from the Storm.

For the next part, Remains of the Great, head to Moonshade, Reclaimer’s Hold, turn in and get the quest Bound in Death. This will take you into Expert Runic Descent. The construct you have to kill, Rasmolov, is nearly at the end of the entrance so make sure to have a group. He’s easier than any of the bosses in the dungeon. Just tank and spank. 😀 Once again head back to Rurik who now gives you the quest, A Mask for all Seasons.

You must create this at the Chancel of Forge’s huge forge near the dailies, not the crafting forge. Run up the incline and you should be able to use it. Once done head back to Meridian and you shall receive a helm as well as the title, Soggy Historian. Helms that you can choose from are … Chain w focus,  Chain w crit , Chain w Dodge, Cloth w focus, Cloth w crit, Leather w attack pwr, Leather w dodge, Plate w attack pwr, Plate w dodge.

Now that you have a shiney new helm and a new title it’s on to part 3!

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