Making the mage look good

I’m at the auction house yesterday when I happen to look to my left which is pretty odd since the ah is normally too busy and looking at your neighbors is just asking for a punch in the face even on my server, but I hesitantly glanced at this gorgeous gal that was standing near me. All clad in red she definitely stood out of the crowd, enough for me to want to get a pic and be jealous of what she was wearing! Quickly I asked if I could get some pics and she was gracious enough to not only let me get pics but also to let me know what she was wearing!

  Since she did share what she was wearing, I decided to add that as well but be warned, it’s all raid gear! Seriously though, this outfit is making Nikky jealous! First gown I’ve seen that she would actually wear!

She is wearing:

Singed Hood

Amunet’s Mesmerizing Shoulderpads

Untamed Rage Vestments

Now, I did actually forget to ask if her gear was dyed or not. At guess I’m thinking the shoulders are not. And the gloves are a bit off red so I would think those were not either, making me “assume” that the entire outfit is supposed to look this way without dye. If any mages out there know for sure please let me know! One way or another, this is one sexy looking outfit and with that cross in the front I think clerics should certainly be able to wear this!

Thank you so much Eimsy for being so patient with my questions!

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