Ok umm… wow

So, I restarted Lord of the Rings. Great, yay, ok!!! Umm… what do I do now!? I have a level 45 Rune Keeper and honestly looking at all of her skills is giving me a headache. I also have a Burglar and a Minstrel, both pretty low in level. I was going to start over on Syp’s (from biobreak) server however my hubby is telling me that he won’t be able to play on a Eurpean server with me. I’m thinking weekends are weekends and who cares but he does have a point on just leveling our other characters. With Isengard coming out soon we do want to get to max level soon(ish). I really, really don’t want to rush, the main reason I wanted to come back is watching all of the LoTRo blogs and enjoying the movies. What’s the sense in coming back if we fly through the content anyhow?

So.. first thing’s first, I’ve got to get used to these skills. They seem very foreign to me at the moment and there are way too many of them for me to just jump into combat and bang on my keyboard like I know what I’m doing. Also, all three of my characters have crafting. I have two farmers for some reason but I do remember loving to farm so that is no real surprise to me. Plus making dyes is always fun, hence my making of dyes in Rifts. I do remember having a scholar and for whatever reason I never did get along with that profession but please don’t ask me what exactly to do with any of this stuff in my inventory because right now it just looks like I have a bunch of junk clogging these bags.

All and all I’ll probably start over just to get back into the swing of things. Which means I’m going to make another farmer LOL… Although there are some quests that I may have to skip that I spent time on back in the day. I do know that I have a lot of neat titles because of that time though! And it’s all because LoTRo has some really great quests. My burglar actually has Brewmaster and of the quick post and I can’t really say I’m going to do those on another character. They were extremely fun for her but she’s also a hobbit! Brewmaster and hobbiting go together! I can’t imagine my elf being a brewmaster!

With all this, basically what I’m saying is that it’s really hard to start over. All that time and effort spent on these characters meant a lot and it still does. Even though I’m a bit discombobulated right now hopefully it won’t take me too long to get back into the swing of things and then it’s on to Isengard!!!

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