Christmas for gamers

If you’re already looking for Christmas gifts, here’s one that will get them laughing. I mean I love Angry Birds but wow… just wow. If you’re the gamer then you may want to check out Dark days are coming where Technofugue talks about an upcoming game with CGI videos or this fantastic keyboard!!! Every gamer needs one!

With all the new games in our future some of us may be juggling which games to get. How about which not to run out and buy? Check out Ben’s Labatory and his LEAST Anticipated of 2011. An in depth look at why not to buy that new, shiny game quite so fast. He does say at the end that he’s not dead set about this and could change his mind.

And of course we have our oldies but goodies, like Plants vs. Zombies. I still play this over and over! There was a blog about a cute game called Tiny Tower from Psychology of Video Games where he explains what you can and can’t do with Tiny Tower. This game looks fun! I know I’m already anticipating the Rise of Isenguard from LoTRo! I’m hoping I’ll get this before Christmas, or how about Guild Wars 2 and Stars Wars the Old Republic? They also look promising!

What do you guys think? What’s your most anticipated title/gift this year?

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