Water Saga Quest part 4

I have this in 4 parts. If you’re looking for the beginning try part 1, part 2, part 3, and the final is part 4 which can be found below!

At the end of part 3 we were in Iron Pine Peaks and the quest, The Frequency of the Forbidden, where Luminary Yentia wants you to use the sanctified crystal on 100 Abyssal Cult Members of at least green difficulty. I could not find any Abyssal Cult Members in IPP other than from water rifts. Killing them does not count, you have to click on 100 of their corpses. The corpses actually despawn pretty quickly so you will want to click on as many as you can before they respawn. **Note: After searching all over IPP someone told me that these Abyssal guys can be found in the Southwest corner! They are all named Nightblood something and will work for this quest. Much easier to mow through them and click corpses as you kill instead of waiting for water rifts!**

Once done with this quest you want to return to Luminary Yentia. Now that you have both quests for Conclave of the Sages done you must return to Sanctum. Cardinal Visc will now give you The Influence of Lyrr which is another group (5) quest in Droughtlands. It was relatively easy with a normal group, tank, healer and dps due to some mobs being elite, some aoe damage and dots that can be cleansed. To Disrupt the Cloaking Device just click the shiney orb, then go through all the stages. Kill the Defiant Technicians, use the Periapt of Water’s Bane, and then kill the Spirit of Lyrr.

Once complete return once more to Cardinal Visc in Sanctum who will now ask you to speak with Joseph to learn his secrets in the quest The Madness of Mystics. Joseph is in the back of Sanctum, outside of the buildings near the fighting squirrels. Listen to his dialogue and then receive your Crocnard and another achievement, Lord of Madness!!!!! FINALLY!

Hmm… looks like Nikky needs to change her outfit to match this guy now… Another reason to change clothes! YAY!!!


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