Water Saga Quest part 3

If you’re looking for the beginning of the 1.4 epic quest it is here, for part 2 please see Take 2.

We stopped at the quest for Expert Realm of the Fae, A Token of the Fae. Once you get a group together for the expert you will need to go to the first boss, kill him and then right after the boss you should see a little guy that is trapped. Talk to him to release him and he will start you on the quest Enchanted Wood but remember to follow him. If you do not follow him you won’t get the next part of the quest. **If this happens you may have to reenter Realm of the Fae with someone that has the first quest Token of the Fae.** He actually runs backwards so you only have to kill the first boss, there’s no need to move forward. He will run to a tree which turns into a clicky, just grab it and head back to Rurik in Chancel of Labors.

The next quest Rurik will send you on is Heir of Nyx which will send you to Fortune’s Shore in Shimmersands. You must speak with Suria Batar who will then give you Wishes of the Dominata. In this quest she will send you around Fortunes Shore and ask you to pit the various gangs against one another. To do this you must steal the three items, the Ethian Sun Dial which is in a cave, a bottle of Widow’s Wail’s Wine, and a Golden Brazier. Then follow the road to the west to place the goods on the Khaliti Goods Table. It will take a minute for the dialogue to start and this will complete the quest. Return to Suria when all objectives are complete. She will ask you to return to Rurik.

You should now go to Reclaimer’s Hold to turn in the quest Remains of the Great. Seek out Lieutenant Rutger who will now send you to Expert Runic Descent. You will nearly have to clear the dungeon so make sure to have a good group ready. When you’ve made your way to the point on your map you will see a new spawn, Rasmolov, who you will then have to kill and loot Rune of the Void Knight Scroll. Back to Ruric to turn that in and receive a Cause for a Cure and finally another epic piece.. helm this time with an interesting graphic! Helms that you can choose from are … Chain w focus,  Chain w crit , Chain w Dodge, Cloth w focus, Cloth w crit, Leather w attack pwr, Leather w dodge, Plate w attack pwr, Plate w dodge. Make sure to go to the forge in Chancel of Labors, the one in the back, not the forge that is used to make crafting items, click on the item on your quest bar and make your brand new helm! Once this is complete head back to Sanctum.

After receiving your new helm Cardinal Visc will then ask you to go back to Reclaimer’s Hold and to seek out the Faceless Man, The Hidden Master. He’s on the other side of the quest givers at Reclaim Hold from where the porticulum is. Once you find him to get his attention you need to /wink and then /nod. He’ll then want to meet you in the Faering Wood. Click on the portal you find there to signal him and speak with him when he shows up. He will then give you the quest Rewriting History. You will have to travel to Titan’s Well in Stonefield. Once there swim to the bottom and talk to Tidelord Lyrr. She will ask you questions and if you answer wrong she will aggro. For each part of the quest you have to wait for her to respawn. Once this is complete, turn this in at Cardinal Visc in Sanctum.

Once again you must travel to Droughtlands to see Veras but this time you will have to imprison him for Fly on the Wall. You do not have to fight him although adds will spawn, kill them and then imprison Veras to complete this quest and return to Sanctum to turn it in. The Conclave of Sages quest is a little more involved, you will get a quest to see both Luminary Yentia in Chancel of Labors and Null Aximander in Droughtlands. Both will give you a quest that you must complete before turning this in. Null Aximander will give you the quest the Core of Madness. In this quest you must travel to Iron Pine Peaks and retrieve the Core of Madness and return it to him within eight minutes.  Once you pick up the Core of Madness you can not use the porticulum, guild banners, die or soul recall. To do this take the porticulum to Exile’s Den in Iron Pine Peaks. Follow the road south like you’re heading to Stillmore but go up the mountain to the tower on the left side. Take the elevator to the top and there you will find the Core of Madness. Click on it when ready. It will port you to Lake of Solace and then you will have to run, without dying to turn in the quest.

Now for the quest in Chancel of Labors. Luminary Yentia will give you the Frequency of the Forbidden where she wants you to use the sanctified crystal on 100 Abyssal Cult Members of at least green difficulty. To see how to do this see part 4 and the finale of this epic quest!

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  3. with quest THE HIDDEN MASTER after you /win and /nod and after you spawn him via ground item you have to do /kneel.

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