A guildie talked me into starting this the other day and so far I’m pretty pleased with how it’s playing. I do love the Asian games so I’m a tad bit biased and missing Aion a bit but even just entering the game the clothes look amazing! And we all know this is why I play!! But I’ve just started so here’s to hoping this little game will prove as adventurous as I hope it will!

So, question of the day is… what little game do you enjoy that is a little off the beaten path but still worth your time?

One thought on “Vindictus

  1. Vindictus is fun, even though it’s a little different, in that it’s not open like Rift or other mmos out there, it’s a good break sometimes from the regular style. I absolutely love the graphics and since my boy loves to play it with me that’s just more incentive. It’s funny I should see this today since he was just asking me about it!

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