Rifts 1.4

Here are a few of the things I was able to find before the servers went down. I’ll add more as I play with the new content!

***Spoiler Alerts Inc***

First quest for the new raid. To obtain this quest and ultimately get into The Drowned Halls, go into Sanctum, lower floor to the back and speak with Cyril Kalmar. He will then explain that this raid can be found in Scarwood Reach, in the region of Lord’s Hall. If you have yet to spend your 25k planarite to buy your Omen Sight, you might want to do that to get into this raid. It’s another 10 man and is supposed to be a little higher than the equivalent of tier 2. Drowned Halls has four bosses and these bosses will drop 3 marks instead of the normal 2.You will not only find gear and marks but new costume items as well! Want to see the videos on this? Check out RiftJunkies.

The new crafting gear looks like it is equivalent to tier 2 gear. I’m happily awaiting a 2h mace now. With the 20 hour downtimes for quite a few of the items, I can only imagine that these mats are going to be costly. So if you’re looking to get something I suggest grabbing a guildy, or a couple, and seeing what you need to do to make it worth their time to make these items for you. To see what can be made take a look at this Rifts link. There is something for everyone there! How much that something costs is going to be the big question for awhile!

Another great addition is the new quest line! Who doesn’t want to ride around on a crocodile all day!? Sadly I haven’t read about any other loot that this epic line gives but as soon as I find out you guys will be the first to know. The beginning of this quest line is below.

Water Saga Epic Questline…

To get this questline (as guardian) go into the main building in Sanctum, up the main set of stairs, turn to your right and up the second flight of stairs. Take the very first right and as you enter the door you should see Cardinal Visc. She will ask you to speak to Alaric who is outside of the main building and to the right after you come down the stairs.

Alaric will be found by the rogue soul trainers, to the left prior to reaching the auction house. He is in the back of the small building. You will turn in Cultists Adrift and once you speak with Alaric he will give you another quest which will then send you to Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peaks.

Once at the Chancel of Labors, enter the front of the building and speak with Luminary Yentia. She will give you the quest Insanity Intelligence. You will now need to go downstairs inside the Chancel of Labors library and find “the Book of the Minor Gods”.

The easiest way to do this is go down the first set of stairs you see on the right. While down there you will see a man laying on the middle of the floor. The book you need is to your right. You will not be able to see it while standing near the man, you will have to get much closer to the bookcase. It has a pretty fast respawn time so if there is a line, don’t worry. A water creature did spawn for some but I didn’t get the pleasure of doing any killing when I got the book. I did notice for a guildie that he was not able to get the book until after he killed the croc (or whatever it was) and then had to go get the book again. It would not update for him without doing that.

To make things easier, you can see that you want to be in the northeast of the library, underneath Chancel of Labors. Where I outlined the book you will hopefully see a shiny one. If you’re looking at the man on the floor and facing north, this bookcase will be to your east (or right).

After you receive the book the turn in is back in Sanctum with Alaric and he will then give you a quest with a couple of accomplishments that you must finish before being able to turn in. They will all be done near Freemarch. This quest line states that it can be done with a minimal amount of people but during this part you may want to bring a group, especially if you’re in your 40’s.

The easiest way to get there is to go to the Droughtlands porticulum and ride North and turn northeast at the bridge to Freemarch. You can follow the beach until you see the spyglass on top of a small hit jutting out from the mountain.

If you happen to have more than five in your party/raid you will want to make sure that at least one person in each party touches the spyglass or people in the other group may not get credit. Once you click on the spyglass you will notice a few spawns. Kill the Uncanny Assistants, then click on one of the generators to make the Remnants of Madness spawn. Once these are dead click on the 2nd generator causing the Spectral Tidesurges to spawn. Continue clicking the generators until you have killed Tartaguirius and Veras. Once done you will have to head back to Sanctum for the turn in.

The next part sends you to Moonshade… Part 2 of this epic quest!

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    • It does! I’m hoping to get some more links up here for the gear but I’ve been obsessed with the epic quest LOL… Just HAD to get that done… I’ll link up some more stuff soon. πŸ˜€

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