1.4 take 2!

Rifts 1.4 part 2, if you’re looking for part 1 which includes how to begin the Water Saga epic quest line, please go here.

Listening to Bohemian Rhapsody while posting this… Life can not get any better!

Picking up where I left off yesterday, you want to find yourself in Moonshade. You should have the quest Moonshade Mop-up and will need to investigate the abandoned abyssal ritual. To do this you will have to click on the glowing orb. **Note: if someone clicks while you’re in the middle of yours, you will then have to start over. If you walk over while someone is in the middle of their ritual, it ports you back to Sanctum and you can’t get out of the story line until it’s finished. If someone is doing this you may want to stay far, far away!**

When you click the orbs, your quest will update and you will then have to destroy two abyssal ritual vessels. They are a little bit up the hill behind you. Then disrupt the vessel of madness. Which is the big orange box in the middle on the hill. You will then have to kill the remnant of madness and return back to Scotty.

Once you do this, you realize your error but it’s too late. You have killed Scotty. You must now face the Tribunal at your trial.

For the next part of the quest, Atonement, you will have to head back to Droughtlands. There are four Markers of Thontic that you will have to pray at. They are all in Droughtlands along the coast. Some spawn adds but none of these were elite. You must then turn in your quest at the vision of Veras. He is just slightly to the north of the last marker.

Veras will then give you three additional quests. These are considered group (2) quests because you will have to kill elites. One of these is in Shimmersands, the other in Stillmore. When you get to Shimmersands you will need to kill the creatures to receive the 13 Ethian Gemmed Keys. You do not have to kill any elites for this part. Each creature I killed dropped the key. Once done you will then need to travel your way northwest to use the gateway to summon and kill Thantotetia. This is a level 50 elite. Once killed make your way for Stillmore.

For the quest False Prophets and Fishes you will have to go to Stillmore and work your way up to the most elite undead of Caer Mathos. These are level 50 elites. So just like the last quest you may want to bring a friend. One False Prophet drops off of each elite and the skellies that might be hanging around. Once done, head back to Sanctum to summon Nyogzou.

Easiest way to get to him is to go to the arena area and jump onto the boxes by the wall then onto the wall. Once up there walk to the back and drop down. Hopefully you still have a friend with you because this ugly guy is also an elite level 50.. Yay!!

The third quest he gave you was to summon the two elites. When you go to turn these two in you will have the third complete as well. Once complete you will have to head back to Veras in Droughtlands to turn these three in and to collect the Mad Tea Party. This new quest is on an island near Freemarch.

The Mad Tea Party really is MAD! First of all while swimming to the island you will be close to being fatigued but you can just get there in time. Once there if you can’t see any strange things happening you may have to relog. I couldn’t see anything going on at any of the locations but once I logged in everything was back and I was able to complete this. It’s quite fun and a bit quirky but what Mad Tea Party isn’t? The first two are pretty easy, you can see the guys just by going to the marks, the third one is in the tower. Once you turn this in you will also get the title Tidelord. Cardinal Visc will send you to see Rurik in Chancel of Labors. This quest will give you the choice of four lessers…  Demented DanceFrozen Bulwark, Maddening Storm, and Tidal Frenzy.

Now back to Chancel of Labors to start construction on the Visage of the Deep. Seeking out Rurik will give you your first epic loot for this quest. A purple lesser. After Chancel of Labors you will need some kind of water breathing. Go back downstairs in the library and find Rurik. He will ask you to locate multiple things which can only be found off of the northeast coast of Moonshade. You will once again have to kill some elites for this quest so you’ll want to bring a friend and your water breathing accessories or potions! Some of these guys are all the way at the bottom of the sea, I had to do a bit of swimming to get to them so make sure you’re prepared.

Once complete head back to Rurik and turn in the quests. He will then give you a quest to head to Shimmersands and speak with Bahram Feris. He will ask you to reach at least decorated with the Dragonslayers before he sends you on the next quest. Whether you are decorated or not you will have to speak with him twice to continue in the quest line. Once decorated he will ask you to speak with Atticus Tylakios. Atticus resides in Shimmersands. You will need to follow him, again under water so make sure you still have your water breathing. He stops a couple times, you must click on the water vents to make some mobs appear and for Atticus to continue. Otherwise he’ll stand around waiting for you. Once this is done, head back to Chancel of Labors and speak with Rurik again.

Move on to the next part of the quest line starting with Expert Realm of the Fae here…

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