Fun, Fun, and more fun!

If you haven’t heard of the Alienware weekend competitions, you’ll definitely want to get in on this! I can say that Alienware is a great company to go through for a laptop as I just got a M17x. The entire thing is customizable but my two favorite parts are the name plate (yes it’s mine, all mine!) and the colored keys. I have set them to rotate through a spectrum of blue, white and a tad of pink. Ahhh… gorgeous! Point to this? Yes, you want to play Rifts on the weekend and win a free laptop! August 12th through the 15th is the next weekend competition and the challenge is to close rifts, something every level character can do.

Syp from Bio Break said it best with Celebrate good times c’mon where he explains Rift’s latest world event, Waves of Madness phase 5. Celebrate good times C’MON!!!

More fun from Rifts, the 1.4 patch is supposed to come out today, so says Zor from the Rift Forums, meaning that we’ll all be sitting here twiddling our thumbs for quite a while but that means I may get some reading done! I am definitely looking forward to the stuff we getting in 1.4. Even if it’s not happening today I’m really looking forward to this update. I’m still having a lot of fun in Rifts and getting more to do just amps up the fun for me.

Not into Rifts and looking for something free? Or do you just want to be a pirate for the day? Arrrr! Check out what Boxsoft thinks of Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. With this being free to play we can all indulge in our secret obsession, or not so secret for me!

2 thoughts on “Fun

  1. Awesome, very useful post! Thank you. I’m horrible about following news on official games sites, and Rift isn’t an exception so your post about this contest is very valuable to me. Thanks a bunch!

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