Nik’s clericing outfit

Head – Flametouched Helm: CC (Smouldaron) — dyed light orange to match.

Shoulders – Not Shown here

Tunic – Fire-Emblazoned Chainmail: FLH (Emberlord)

Gloves – Scholar’s Vambraces of the Anoited – Just a grey item that fits the style of the outfit. Sadly they will not dye!

Pants – Bright Star Leggings: Reward for completing the quest for FLH, Hope still Burns

Boots – Viscount’s Heavy Boots: Dropped by many mobs in Stillmore.

I started putting this outfit together in Lantern Hook. In my 40’s I was able to obtain quite a bit of this gear. Most of it takes dye wonderfully but these gloves have given me some problems but they fit the outfit well enough to leave them as they are. The only thing that needed dye was the helm.

Have an outfit you’d like to share? Please email me at Please include any dyes you’ve used, the name of the gear and where you’ve gotten it and pics!! Front and back!

3 thoughts on “Nik’s clericing outfit

    • Funnily enough I change outfits all the time but this one has stayed since level 40 (ish)! Pretty amazing for me. I have tried multiple dyes. I’m thinking about going back to black and white which was interesting ;D

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