What kind of things do you want to add to your game to make it more fun?

I’m thinking more events, guild sponsored events! This upcoming Thursday we’re going to be playing out a story written by one of our teenage guildies. We’ve edited it to keep it Rift based and added in clues and fun so guildies have to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to finish the quest for special prizes. This is something we’re looking to do once a month to keep our more casual players happy but really it’s to bring our guild together and have some fun doing something a bit out of the ordinary. Something where level 50’s as well as level 10’s can join in the fun!

And speaking of events, A Casual Stroll to Mordor is hosting a party for their 2nd anniversary! If you’re a LoTRo fan take a day and enjoy, they’ve announced they’ll be doing their 100th podcast for the in-game event and have invited us all!

So do you guys look forward to guild events or do you feel like this takes time away from leveling?


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