Videos and gaming! I’ve been following some amazing video makers for years in awe at the amazing ability they have at making gaming videos. The raiding videos are great but my favorites are the ones that have to do with the game that person is playing but are just for fun. I’m thinking hey, that doesn’t LOOK hard maybe I can try my hand at it also. I also have a few guildies that are working on creating videos that you’ll hopefully see here soon! But first I’m addicted to watching Oxhorn’s videos and I’d love to get you guys addicted also. These are World of Warcraft videos but even if you don’t watch the characters that Oxhorn creates are vivid and fun! Definitely worth your time!

So.. my question is do you guys enjoy making videos? I know they can be very helpful for guilds watching boss encounters but what about for fluff?

Here’s my favorite video from Oxhorn. And if you’re interested, check out their main website at!By the way, this song is very, VERY addicting… ENJOY!



6 thoughts on “Videos!

  1. I’m just getting started with making videos lately, but it is fun and I’ve got quite a few I need to “clip” together to make and post. I do think you ought to try your hand at it and see if you enjoy it, it’s very fun to come back and watch your own game footage later too.

    • I have a few guildies that are going to try to teach me how. I’ve learned how to take videos (in Rifts at least). It looks like so much fun! If you learn some cool stuff let me know and I’ll do the same. I still need to find a video maker thingy. LOL

  2. for Rift alone you can use the in-game video recorder. (connect with your youtube, but don’t upload within the game, as it just bogs things down.) I have a post on my blog about that, I’ll find it for you. Once you do that use VideoPad editor to cut/edit your video for free! if you have more questions email me at mgbeers (at) gmail (dot) com. 🙂

  3. Here’s the trick with that. After the green check comes up (when it’s done encoding), click it and then select cancel with no name or anything. Go to your Rift directory, c:\program_files(x86)\Rift Game\Movies. Select the movie, probably the last one.. and upload outside of the game. I’ve done this and it doesn’t slow the game as much, or you can do it after your done playing. 🙂 Also that way you can, when you upload your youtube video, modify some other items such as description, tags in addition to the title and such 🙂 Look for my post about livestream too, where you can stream your game to your viewers live! 😀

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