Style is one of the factors that attracts me the most to a game. Sometimes you’ll play a character that doesn’t look good until max level and then there are others that let you choose a style all your own, whether that style is good or not is another matter! That’s the fun of gaming though…

I’ve ran across a few blogs that show just what the games out there can provide. My favorite is from LoTRo Stylist. You can find some amazing outfits but not only that, you can also submit your own to the blog Friends of the LoTRo Stylist! Do you play LoTRo and think you look good? Send it in and let me know! Another way to keep up on your LoTRo style is by visiting Cosmetic LoTRo. You can tell she absolutely loves outfits but what’s great about her site, she explains in detail how outfitting works in LoTRO down to dyes and how to use them! Another place you can submit your fashion is over at LoTRo Fasion, another informative site that is all about great and fun fashion!

We even have an outfit from Massively Gaming striking a pose in a Rift outfit. Purple is the new black! Ohh wait, that’s grey.

In Rift you can actually buy wardrobe slots or you can show the gear that is giving you stats. The stat gear is fine and all but it’s nice to not look like every other cleric (insert character you play here) out there.

The only complaint I have about Rift’s clothing is that there seems to be a huge lack of clothing options. In the last patch they did add a way of looking like your favorite rep and it’s not easy to get that gear either! Making it all the more fun to have BUT it looks horrible! I’m hoping that they will soon add in more options for us as they release more patches. For now, I took a few pictures of guildies strutting their stuff! Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Style

  1. I’m with you on the options with clothing. My wife thinks I’m weird about style in games, but I like my heroines to look good while killing da mobs.. haha Thanks for the link up! I’ll hook you up and direct some traffic to you too. I can add you to my blogroll too if you’d like.

    • Hehhe.. Gotta look good while killing!! Funny that your wife doesn’t agree and I’d love the link, just starting up so any traffic is good traffic!!

  2. There was an F2P called “Perfect World” (International) that was all about fluff. Most players spent their time trying to buy stuff in cash shops to get outfits. They had a large selection, so it was rare you saw someone with a similar look. There was even a thread in their official forums that is at last count, 321 pages long. Titled, “Love your character? Show them off here!”. And yet another thread, 575 pages long, “Rate a character thread. HOT or NOT.” And yet ANOTHER thread for fashion, 99 pages long. And so on…

    F2P “Vindictus” is pretty good with fluff too. There’s a pretty good variety of armor/outfits, and the good thing about this game is you actually don’t need to wear armor for most fights. It just makes it easier but it’s not required, if you have the skill on boss fights. Their armor styles are the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen, I really like the artwork. Even the 2 female character classes (no races, just gender locked character classes) look so pretty that you don’t need to change much of their appearance. Just add things like makeup, hairstyle, tattoos, etc. You can even customize your “inner armor” (underwear) to a variety of things, if you feel like running around naked, or to better blend in with your outfit (such as bra style/color).

  3. hey, thanks for linking my LOTRO blog! i’m a RIFT player myself (very very casual though – and i’ll probably stop playing completely after Isengard and SWTOR is out) and i like they incorporated cosmetics, but you are right – there are too few options yet. maybe that will change in the future 🙂

    • It’s my pleasure, I love your blog! Actually I decided to redownload LoTRo today! We’re prob going to get the Isenguard expansion as well. I’m trying to talk the hubby into pre-ordering! 😀

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